Datamark MP-50 Mobile pin marking pistol

Datamark MP-50 MOBILE Dot Peen Marking Machine


The new MP-50 MOBILE marking machine is at the forefront of technology and arrives to revolutionize the portable dot peen marking systems available up today in the market.

With an absolutely innovative design, the MP-50 MOBILE is the first battery-powered portable marker to be easily controlled by an SmartPhone mobile application

The handling of this unique cordless marking is roundly simple and versatile, offering the user an amazing freedom of use, combined with unbeatable performance and marking features.

Cordless Marker
  • Most compact, robust, ergonomic and lightweight design.
  • Fast and powerful electromagnetic marking head.
  • 50 x 30 mm marking window (2″ x 1.2″).
  • Flat X-Y axis movement of the marking head (no pivoting).
  • Easy-grip handle with a push button to trigger the marking cycle.
  • Adjustable positioning front feet to reach the most difficult areas.
  • Automatic lighting system of the marking zone.
  • High capacity 18v 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery.
  • High operating autonomy; up to 3 hours of continuous marking.
  • Easy marking programming using mobile application.
  • Smartphone connection via wireless WiFi.
  • Total weight 2.4 Kg, battery included.
Mobile Application

Mobile application for marking design and programming available for Android Smartphones, also available for Windows PC Systems.

  • Easy, intuitive and fully featured responsive marking software.
  • Automatic marking data programming; serial numbers, time, date and shift codes.
  • Selectable dot matrix marking fonts; 5×7, 7×9, 11×16, and continuous line fonts.
  • Adjustable characters height, width, angle and circunferential position
  • Programmable marking speed, force and marking repetition.
  • Datamatrix codes marking.
  • Vector logos marking (PLT).
  • On screen marking preview and trial run features included.
  • Unlimited capacity for marking files storage.
  • Password protection.
  • Available for free download on the Google Play Store.
Datamark MP Mobile dotpin markers