Desktop pin marker Datamark MP-120 Avanced

Datamark MP-120 Advanced Dot Peen Marking Machine


Marking power and flexibility

The MP-120 Advanced is a highly featured desktop marking machine, fast, powerful and reliable, suitable for a wide range of industrial parts marking applications; components marking, metal nameplates marking, serial marking, etc.

Marking control and programming is easily done using Datasoft PC software connected to the machine via LAN/Ethernet interface.

  • Powerful high speed pneumatic marking head.
  • Robust full metal construction.
  • Interchangeable marking mechanism & stylus depending on the applications needs.
  • Integrated LED lighting system for a better view of the working space.
  • Transparent front window for easier view and adjustment of the marking parts.
  • Wide robust working base ready to install any custom fixture.
  • Datamatrix and QR-Codes marking capability.
  • Low investment cost, free of maintenance.
Technical Specs
  • Powerful pneumatic marking head.
  • 120 x 100 mm marking window (4.7″x 4″).
  • Precisse marking head movement via independent stepping motors.
  • Programmable marking speed up to 12 characteres per second.
  • Interchangeable marking stylus for standard, fast and deep marking.
  • Column with manual height adjustment.
  • Maximum workpiece height 240 mm (94.5″)
  • Robust cast-iron workbase
  • LAN/Ethernet interface for PC and network connection.
  • 110-220V 50-60 Hz. external power supply.
  • Air pressure required 6 bar.
  • Weight 20 Kg.
PC Software
  • Easy and intuitive WYSIWYG visual graphic interface.
  • Selectable languages; spanish, french, english, german, italian, russian.
  • PC Windows operating systems (Windows, 7, 8 ,10).
  • LAN/Ethernet static connection required.
  • Marking texts, serial numbers, symbols and imported logos.
  • Datamatrix y and QR-Codes marking.
  • Dot matrix formed marking characteres; 5×7, 7×9, 11×17 & continuos line.
  • Special high speed marking vector types.
  • All decorative-artistic Windows True-Types available.
  • Vector logos marking (HPGL, PLT).
  • Marking data imported from CSV structured files.
  • Automatic barcode label printing features included.
  • Marking automatic data entered via barcoder scanners.
  • Unlimited marking edited files and logos storage capacity.
  • Automatic marking data programming; serial numbers, time, date, shift codes.
  • Adjustable character height, width, angle position, circunferential position and mirrowed.
  • Adjustable marking speed up to 12 characteres per second.
  • Adjustable marking force-deph and dots density.
  • On-screen mark preview and trial-run features.
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