XL+ Laser Marking Machine

XL+ Laser Marking Workstation

Datamark’s XL+ Fiber Laser Workstation is a complete enclosed benchtop laser marking system designed to offer users maximum operational performance, great ease of use and total safety during the part marking process.

Laser Safety Enclosure

The XL+ Fiber Laser Marking System guarantees users a full level of protection against potential risks while operating the laser marking process.

Easy Operation

The XL+ Laser Marking Workstation allows total access to the large interior workspace, making it very easy to load parts of virtually any size if required.


Benefit from the XL+ Laser Marking Workstation unmatched performance and marking features while minimizing your investment for part traceability.

Cutting-Edge Laser Marking Tecnology

Investing in Datamark fiber laser marking machines for industrial parts marking is a game-changer for your manufacturing operations. Experience unmatched precision, efficiency, and durability while meeting stringent industry standards. Elevate your product identification process and enhance traceability with our top-quality solutions. Explore our range of fiber laser marking systems today and unlock the full potential of advanced laser technology for industrial applications. Contact us now to find the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs.