Portable Dot Peen Markers

The Enclosed Laser System

Our XL+ laser marking workstation offer users total operational safety during the marking process. The vertically opening door system and the large interior space available make really easy to mark parts and nameplates of virtually any size and shape.

  • All-In-One compact design
  • Industrial-grade metal construction.

Total Security for Users

The XL+ Fiber Laser Marking System guarantees users a full level of protection against potential risks while operating the laser marking process.

  • 100% safe operation for the user.

  • Complies with Class-1 laser safety standards.

Laser Marking Systems - Lasers for Integration
Portable Dot Peen Markers

Advanced Marking Features

Unlock unparalleled marking precision and versatility with DATAMARK’s XL+ Laser Marking Workstation, featuring the advanced MOPA laser source that allows for dynamic control over the marking parameters, ensuring precise customization for a wide range of materials; metals, alloys and plastics.

  • Higher marking quality and precision.

  • More customization possibilities.

Easy Operation

The XL+ Laser Marking Workstation allows total access to the large interior workspace, making it very easy to load parts of virtually any size if required.

  • Flexibility to mark all types of parts.

  • Fast and accurate job adjustment.

Portable Dot Peen Markers
Laser Marking Systems - Lasers for Part Marking


Benefit from the XL+ Laser Marking Workstation unmatched performance and marking features while minimizing your investment for part traceability.

  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio.

  • Quick return on investment.

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XL+ Laser Workstation

Technical Data

Systems Features

  • Class-1 safety benchtop laser enclosure.
  • Industrial-grade welded steel construction.
  • Front operator control panel.
  • Front ventilation grill with anti-particle filter.
  • Vertical opening door for loading parts.
  • 10” laser-safe viewing window.
  • Interior work surface with threaded holes.
  • Enclosure LED lighting system.
  • Rear service door with locking key.
  • PC control via USB connection.
  • Power focal height adjustment.

Scanner Specifications

  • High-speed galvanometric scanner.
  • Max. marking speed: 10.000 mm/sec.
  • Marking field: F160 Lens: 110 x 110 mm (4,3″ x 4,3″)/ F254 Lens: 175 x 175 mm (6,8″ x 6,8″).
  • Integrated focus finder pilots for marking distance adjustment.
  • Integrated laser status indicator lights.

Laser Specifications

  • Ytterbium MOPA Fiber Laser Source
  • CW output power: 30W, 50W or 100W.
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm.
  • Pulse frequency: 1-600 kHz. (30W,50W) / 1-4000 kHz. (100W).
  • Pulse duration: 200 ns (30W,50W) / 2-500 ns (100W).
  • Air-cooling refrigeration.

Max. Part Dimensions

  • F160 Lens (H x W x D): 235 x 400 x 400 mm / 9,2″ x 15,7″ x 15,7″.
  • F254 Lens (H x W x D): 235 x 400 x 400 mm / 9,2″ x 15,7″ x 15,7″.

Operational Specs

  • Power suppply: Factory selectable 110V or 240V / 50-60HZ.
  • Operating conditions: 7°C – 40°C, 10% -85% relative humidity.

User Interfaces

  • Datasoft PC software with Windows driver.

Machine Interfaces

  • x2 USB connectors (front and rear).
  • Programmable DB25 I/O connector.
  • Start-switch connector.


  • Rotary Device.
  • Smart-View™ camera system.
  • Programmable focal height adjustment.
  • Start-switch button.
  • Fume extractor.

Construction Specs

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 793 x 582 x 760 mm / 31,2″ x 22,9″ x 29,9″.
  • Total Weight: 89 Kg (196 lbs).

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Looking for a compact and powerful solution for your laser marking needs? Look no further than our Datamark Fiber Laser XL+ laser marking system. Combining versatility with high-power capabilities, this cutting-edge laser marking device offers exceptional precision, allowing for detailed and accurate markings on various materials. Achieve crisp and legible markings, even on small or intricate surfaces, ensuring professional-grade results. Unlock endless possibilities for customization and identification with our Fiber Laser XL+ laser marker. Explore our  range now and revolutionize your marking process!

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