XL+ Laser Marking Machine

PRO+ Fiber Laser Marking System

Unlock endless possibilities for part marking and identification with our PRO+ Fiber Laser Marking System. Combining versatility with high-power capabilities, this cutting-edge device offers precise and permanent markings on a great variety of materials; metals, alloys, plastics and more.

Laser marking systems for integration into productipon lines

Designed for Integration

The PRO+ Fiber Laser Marker offers the highest performance and reliability  for integration into automated manufacturing lines, existing assembly cells and taylor-made workstations.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you need standalone machines or customized solutions, our team of experts can assist you in finding the perfect setup for your specific laser marking requirements.


Benefit from the PRO+ Fiber Laser unmatched performance and marking features while minimizing your investment for the marking, identification and traceability of your parts.

Cutting-Edge Laser Marking Tecnology

Looking for a compact and powerful solution for your laser marking needs? Look no further than our Datamark Fiber Laser PRO+ laser marking system. Combining versatility with high-power capabilities, this cutting-edge laser marking device offers exceptional precision, allowing for detailed and accurate markings on various materials. Achieve crisp and legible markings, even on small or intricate surfaces, ensuring professional-grade results. Unlock endless possibilities for customization and identification with our Fiber Laser PRO+ laser marker. Explore our  range now and revolutionize your marking process!



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