Laser Marking System for Automation

Advanced Features

Unlock endless possibilities for part marking and identification with our PRO+ Fiber Laser Marking System. Combining versatility with high-power capabilities, this cutting-edge device incorporates MOPA laser technology that offers precise and permanent markings on a great variety of materials; metals, alloys, plastics and more.

  • Powerful marking features.

  • Innovative design.

Designed for Integration

The PRO+ Fiber Laser Marker offers the highest performance and reliability  for integration into automated manufacturing lines, existing assembly cells and taylor-made workstations.

  • High quality industrial-grade construction.

  • Advanced communication features.

Laser Marking Systems - Lasers for Integration
Fiber Laser PRO+ laser marker for custom marking solutions

The Engineering Solution

The PRO+ marking machine is ideal to be integrated into custom-made industrial machines; for test and quality control stations, machine-vision verification systems, special assembly cells and many more.

  • Friendly electronic integration.

  • Easy to set up.

Endless Possibilities

Whether you need standalone machines or customized solutions, our team of experts can assist you in finding the perfect setup for your specific laser marking requirements.

  • Flexibility to mark all types of parts.

  • Available accesories.

Fiber Laser PRO+ Benchtop Marking
Laser Marking Machines - Lasers for Integration


Benefit from the PRO+ Fiber Laser unmatched performance and marking features while minimizing your investment for the marking, identification and traceability of your parts.

  • Unbeatable price-performance ratio.

  • Quick return on investment.

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Fiber Laser PRO+

Technical Data

Systems Features

  • Class-4 safety laser marking system.
  • Industrial-grade metal construction.
  • Front operator control panel.
  • Front ventilation grill with anti-particle filter.
  • 19” rack mount controller for easy installation.
  • Air-cooled design virtually free of maintenance.
  • Embedded Processor for stand-alone-operation.
  • Power focal height adjustment.

Scanner Specifications

  • High-speed galvanometric scanner.
  • Max. marking speed: 10.000 mm/sec.
  • Marking field: F160 Lens: 110 x 110 mm (4,3″ x 4,3″)/ F254 Lens: 175 x 175 mm (6,8″ x 6,8″).
  • Integrated focus finder pilots for marking distance adjustment.
  • Integrated laser status indicator lights.

Laser Specifications

  • Ytterbium MOPA Fiber Laser Source.
  • CW output power: 30W, 50W or 100W.
  • Wavelength: 1064 nm.
  • Pulse frequency: 1-600 kHz. (30W,50W) / 1-4000 kHz. (100W).
  • Pulse duration: 200 ns (30W,50W) / 2-500 ns (100W).
  • Air-cooling refrigeration.

Embedded Processor

  • RAM memory: 1GB, DDR3
  • Solid state storage FLASH: 8GB EMMC solid state disk.


  • Rotary Device.
  • Benchtop marking support
  • Programmable focal height adjustment.
  • Start-switch button.
  • Fume extractor.


Machine Interfaces

  • Expansión I/O: 15 inputs, 15 outputs.
  • Start-switch, USB, Serial, LAN/Ethernet.
  • Network Interface: LAN, MES, ERP.

Human Interfaces

  • Lasermark PC Software.

Operational Specs

  • Power suppply: Factory selectable 110V or 240V / 50-60HZ.
  • Operating conditions: 7°C – 40°C, 10% -85% relative humidity.

Dimensions & Weight

  • Marking Head (W x D): 105 x 500 mm / 4,1″ x 19,6″ // 6,9 Kg (15,2 lbs)
  • Controller (W x D): 482 x 400 mm / 19″ x 15,7″ // 22,8 Kg (50,2 lbs).


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Looking for a compact and powerful solution for your laser marking needs? Look no further than our Datamark Fiber Laser PRO+ laser marking system. Combining versatility with high-power capabilities, this cutting-edge laser marking device offers exceptional precision, allowing for detailed and accurate markings on various materials. Achieve crisp and legible markings, even on small or intricate surfaces, ensuring professional-grade results. Unlock endless possibilities for customization and identification with our Fiber Laser PRO+ laser marker. Explore our  range now and revolutionize your marking process!

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