Laser marking in a clean enviroment



Our Fume Extractor can be paired with any of our laser marking machines to help remove harmful dust or fumes created by the laser marking process. Fume extraction is important for operator health and safety and also helps to keep your laser system clean and free of excess dust. Customers marking plastics, creating deep engravings or marking anodized or plastic materials can benefit from the use of the Fume Extractor. All our enclosured laser systems are prepared for easy hookup to the fume extraction unit.


  • Filters (3 levels):
    1. Cottonn filter for particles and dust
    2. HEPA filter (High Efficlency Particulate Air)
    3. Active carbon filter
  • Filtering efficiency: 0.3μm 99.97%
  • System Flow: 235 m3/h
  • Air velocity: 17m/s
  • Flow control: Manual regulator for extraction flow
  • Noise: <55dB
  • Operating consumption: 80W
  • Power supply: 110-240V/50-60HZ.
  • Flexible extraction tube: Length: 1.18 m / Diameter: 50 mm.
  • Dimensions: 425 x 410 x 250mm (width x height x depth)
  • Weight: 13.5 Kg

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