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The new COMPACT ML-100 laser marking and engraving machine has been designed for  all types of medium and small size parts marking applications, enclosured into a Class1 laser safety level workstation.

The marking machine is featured with a three-sided front door with vertical opening system, which facilitates the user the loading and positioning of the parts to be marked. This door also incorporates a protection window that in combination with the lighting system facilitates the user to visualize the interior of the cabin.

The COMPACT ML-100 laser marker incorporates a motorized Z-axis system for precise and easy adjustment of the marking head distance over the different part formats. In addition the mrking head integrates a red light pilots system that facilitates to the user the correct marking distance adjustmentfor the diferent parts sizes.

The incorporated diodes pulsed fiber laser offers great performance and maximum precision for all types of parts and nameplates marking; metals, alloys and a wide variety of plastics.

The control and programming of the marking is easily done through the PC software for Windows operative systems, connected to the laser marker via the USB port. The software is extremely easy to use for editing the marking messages including texts, barcodes, Datamatrix identification codes, logos, symbols, etc.

Among many other features, the marking software allows the automatic import of the marking data from external files and databases, as well as sequential serial numbers marking , automatic dates marking , etc.

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  • Diodes pulsed fiber laser technology.
  • Class 1 laser safety enclosure, 100% metal construction.
  • Three-sided front door with vertical opening.
  • Front safety window for inside vision.
  • Integrated lighting system inside the cabin.
  • Motorized Z-axis for easy adjustment of the marking head.
  • Red light pilots for quick adjustment of the marking distance.
  • Security key for activation-blocking of the laser.
  • Integrated state lighting system.
  • Pre-installation of fume extraction system.
  • USB interface for PC laser connection.
  • Easy and intuitive marking software included.

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Technology Diodes pulsed fiber laser
Output power Max. 20W
Wavelenght 1064 nm
Pulse energy ~0.5 mJ
Pulse duration 80-140 ns
Frequency 20-200 kHz
Cooling Air
Marking head Galvanometric
Marking speed Max. 9000 mm/seg
F-Theta lense F160
Marking window 110 x 110 mm (4.3″ x 4.3 “)
Operating consumption Max. 150W

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