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The Compact Enclosure allows using Datamark ML-100 Fiber Laser marking machine as a Class1 safety desktop workstation.

The Compact Enclosure is fully customizable according to the present and future customer’s needs.

Thanks to its modular construction, differently from other restrictive standard manufacturing laser marking machines, the cost effective Compact Enclosure may be easily adapted to unexpected production requirements, for example if new larger size or special shape parts must be loaded into the marking machine.

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  • Door open safety interlock mechanism.
  • Side opening door or vertical sliding door.
  • Front door with security inspection window.
  • Automatic door opening & closing system.
  • Additional side doors.
  • Automatic z-axis for fast part height adjustment.
  • Rotary axis for marking round parts.
  • Barcode & Datamatrix codes marking verifier.
  • Automatic fume extractor system.