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Laser marking, fast, accurate and versatile

The Datamark ML-100 laser marking machine performs a high precision marking on all types of industrial parts using a laser beam source of state-of-the-art fiber technology.

The laser is quickly adjusted by the focal point locator pilot, which converges with the marking beam at a distance of 180 mm on the part (focal distance – marking distance).

The easy adjustment of the laser to mark in almost any part format, both flat and curved surfaces, gives the ML-100 laser a great versatility of use.

Datamatrix code marking

The application requires to mark on the steel parts a Datamatrix ECC200 code to be able to identify them automatically through a reader. In this case it is intended to achieve a quality and definition-contrast of the code, which allows its reading even with a mobile phone.

The code to be marked contains all the required information; Date of manufacture, reference, serial number and day of the year (in Julian date format).

Cleaning marking prior to code marking

In order to achieve an optimum marking result (contrast for better reading), a marking is performed which “cleans” the surface of the part where the code is to be incorporated. The marking cycle is programmed to perform several cleaning passes and a single pass that performs the marking of the edited Datamatrix code.

If necessary increase the speed of the marking cycle it is possible to perform a single cleaning pass since the code also has a high contrast in this case.

A fast, powerful and reliable marking solution

The Datamark ML-100 marking laser proves to be a perfect solution for the indelible marking of Datamatrix codes on metal parts. Datamark ML-100 laser marking solutions have been successfully implemented in the parts and components manufacturing sectors in the Automotive, Aeronautics, Metal-Mechanical, Electronics, etc. industries.

The Datamark ML-100 laser is a reliable, clean marking system that does not require maintenance operations, making it an absolutely profitable investment against ink systems or other similar systems, which in no case offer a permanent marking performance (indelible) and also a perfect quality and definition of the marking.

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More Information

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Marking Solution

Datamark ML-100 Fiber Laser