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Portable Marking Pistol for full mobility marking applications

The new Datamark MP-50 Mobile portable marking machine offers the user a full capacity to be able to move anywhere to be able to marking. In this case we see how the MP-50 Mobile marker is ideal for marking large and heavy parts as steel pipes that are located outside the production plant.

The electromagnetic driven head that incorporates the marker is fast and powerful, the marking force is adjustable to fit the needs in each application. The portable marker is capable of producing clear deep marks on any hard metal.

The programming of the marking messages is made extremely easy using the mobile application available for Smartphones. In this innovative way any user is able to fully utilize the application in a matter of  few minutes of training. In addition the use of a simple Smartphone for control avoids to integrate complex keyboards and screens susceptible of breakdowns.

The marker allows complete engraving with texts, numberings, dates, serialized numbers, logos and Datamatrix 2D codes for automatic parts automatic identification

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Marking Solutions

Datamark MP-50 MOBILE

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