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VIN numbers marking

Solution for identification numbers marking on vehicle chassis and frames

One of the marking applications required in vehicle and trucks manufacturing companies is the need to mark the numbering that uniquely identifies each produced chassis or frame. This numbering must be a deep and permanent mark that must contain a series of characters with normalized dimensions and  data structure. The standardized name of this identification number is known as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

To carry out the normalized VIN numbering, it is necessary to use an appropriate machine that allows portable handling, which is sufficiently powerful and at the same time must offer a wide marking capacity to be able to cover the marking with the number of characters that the norm requires.

Datamark offers a portable dot peen marking and engraving machine  perfectly suitable to cover this marking application. The new DATAMARK MP-150 MOBILE micropercussion pin marker is capable of precise marking with adjustable depth so that the  identification marked numbers are perfectly readable even after subbmiting the part to galvanizing and painting processes.

The handling of this marking machine is extremely easy and versatile. The marking messages are easily edited and sent to the marking machine memory using the Datamobil marking software, that runs on Smartphones, Tablets or even in PC Windows.

The dot peen marker offers an extraordinarily wide marking window of 150 mm x 30 mm (6″ x 1,2″), superior to any other comparable battery-powered portable marker in the market, which ensures perfect compliance with current and future standards required.

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