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The Datamark MP-120 TOUCHSCREEN dot peen marking machine offers high performance and maximum reliability for all types of industrial parts marking applications into a benchtop configuration.

The marking programming is done using the fully featured user-friendly touch screen controller.


Powerful marking
The MP-120 marking machine’s electromagnetic marking head offers maximum marking precision with electronic control of marking force/depth.

Robust construction
Made entirely of metal, it is ideal for working in harsh environments where high reliability and intensive use are required.

Touchscreen controlled
The marking machine  can be easily programmed using the fully featured easy-to-use Touchscreen contoller.

Wide variety of marking applications
The MP-120 is an ideal machine for marking any type of small/medium sized parts; identification nameplates engraving, datamatrix barcode marking, serial marking, tool marking, logo marking, etc.

Affordable / cost effective
Datamark MP-120 Touchscreen delivers the highest marking features at a much more competitive price compared to any other desktop dot peen marking machine on the market.

Technical Specifications

Touchcreen marking controller

  • Compact and robust design marker of metal construction.
  • Marking area: 120 x 100 mm (4.7″ x 4″).
  • Electronically adjustable marking force-depth from level 1 to 9.
  • Marking on metals up to 64 HRC hardness.
  • Height adjustment to mark parts up to 240 mm high.
  • Wide robust work base with slots to install fixing tools.
  • Front transparent screen for better visualization of the work area.
  • External button to start and stop marking.
  • Automatic lighting system of the work area with integrated LED.
  • Connection with the Touchscreen unit via plug & play robotics cable.
  • Marking machine weight: 22 Kg.

Touchscreen Controller

Touchcreen marking controller

  • Full 7″ touch screen color display.
  • Text, serial numbers, symbols and imported logos marking.
  • Datamatrix and QR-Code marking.
  • Selectable marking fonts; dot-matrix and continuous line types.
  • Vector logos marking (HPGL, PLT) imported via USB drive.
  • Marking data imported from CSV structured files.
  • Unlimited marking edited files and logos storage capacity.
  • Automatic marking; serial numbers, time, date, shift codes.
  • Adjustable character height, width, angle and circunferential.
  • Marking data entry via barcode readers and barcode label printing features included.
  • Marking data preview and trial run features included.
  • Interface IN/OUT, 4 inputs and 3 output digital signals.
  • RS-232, RS-485 and USB interfaces.
  • 110-220V 50-60 Hz. external power supply.
  • Weight: 2.7 Kg.

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