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Definition of Direct Part Marking DPM

DPM (Direct-Part-Marking) is a widespread terminology in the field of industrial marking and refers to the different methods that allow – as a result – the application of identification codes and symbols for each piece at the unit level, Which provides the ability to know its specific characteristics from its manufacture to the end of its useful life (total traceability).

DPM marking technologies

DPM marking technologies are those that apply, transfer or reproduce the identification codes on the surface of the parts themselves. These technologies in turn can offer an indelible marking result – impossible to eliminate – or temporary (erasable). It will depend on the needs of each application, the type of part and the required standards, the decision to use one technology or another:

Datamark indelible markup DPM technologies:

  • Micro-percussion marking.
  • Laser marking.

Non-permanent DPM marking technologies:

  • Ink-jet marking printers.

Advantages of DPM Direct Part Marking

The advantages of DPM marking systems offer significant advantages in industrial part identification and traceability applications.

  • Ability to identify each piece at the unit level (unique data).
  • Use of automatic identification codes; Barcodes and Datamatrix.
  • Removal of bearer elements of the marking data (bags, labels, plates, etc.).
  • Reduction of costs related to the marking of products.
  • Compliance with sectorial standards for traceability; Aeronautics, Automotive, Food, etc.
  • Ability to apply targeted corrective measures – improving competitiveness.
  • Improvement of production processes and quality control.
  • Etc …

DPM marking applications

Among many other applications of DPM  we can mention:

  • Marking automobile parts.
  • Marking machined parts.
  • Marking parts in the aerospace industry.
  • Marking food products.
  • Marking pharmaceutical products.
  • Etc …

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More Information

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Marking Systems

Laser Marking Systems

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