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The new Datamark ML-100 fiber laser marking machine is the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial part marking applications. Equipped with a powerful fiber laser engine, it is capable of marking the highest quality, fast and accurate in all metals and in a wide variety of plastics.

Control and programming of dial messages is easily performed using the PC software included with the machine; Marking texts, dates, symbols, logos, images, bar codes, datamatrix codes, etc.

The compact design of the marking head allows for easy installation to work on a desktop or directly installed on an automated production line.

The marker has a light pilot that indicates the spot-mark of the laser on the piece, which facilitates the quick adjustment of the head distance for the different sizes of the pieces to be marked.

The fiber laser integrated in the ML-100 has 20W of power, which guarantees fast and precise marking in the most demanding industrial applications.

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More Information

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ML-100 Fiber Laser Marker