Open Benchtop Laser Marking Systems

Our Class 4 laser marking machines, mounted on benchtop column, offer unparalleled flexibility in marking parts of any size and geometry. This setup enables precise marking, ensuring high-quality results regardless of the complexity or dimensions of the workpiece. With this versatility, users can efficiently mark a wide range of components, making our systems ideal for diverse manufacturing needs

Open benchtop laser markjing machine
Open benchtop laser markjing machine

Open Benchtop Laser Marking Systems

Advantages of using an open configuration for laser marking of parts


Open configurations allow for marking a wide range of parts with varying sizes, shapes, and materials, providing flexibility in production.


The open design makes it easier to load and unload parts, streamlining workflow and minimizing downtime.

Ease of Integration

These systems can be easily integrated into existing production lines or used as standalone units, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Visibility

Operators have better visibility of the marking process, allowing for real-time monitoring and adjustment if necessary.


Open configurations often have lower initial costs compared to enclosed systems, making them a cost-effective solution for many applications.


As production needs grow, open configurations can be easily scaled up by adding more laser marking units or integrating them with other automation equipment.


Maintenance and servicing are typically easier with open configurations, as components are easily accessible for cleaning and repairs.

Ensuring safety operation with open Class 4 laser marking systems

Protective goggles are crucial when operating Class 4 laser marking systems, shielding eyes from potential harm due to laser exposure, ensuring safety during precision tasks. This is particularly important for tabletop operations with open laser marking systems.

Class 4 laser marking systems for table-top operation