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The LC-30 with CO2 laser  technology allows markings on all types of organic metals; especially for marking on plastics, cardboard, paper, wood, textiles, fabrics and a wide variety of materials used in packaging of industrial and consumer products.


  • Marking on a wide range of organic materials
    Our LC-30 CO2 laser can achieve high-speed quality marking, providing non-contrast marking in plastics as well as ink removal for date coding;  marking on wood, glass, rubber, plastics, cardboard, and product packaging.

  • Most cost-effective coding solution
    In a wide variety of applications, the LC-30 CO2 laser can replace thermal and CIJ inkjet coding equipment, eliminating costly consumables, frequent breakdowns and costly cleaning maintenance.

  • High speed marking power
    The Laser Coder LC-30 delivers 30 watts of maximum power to cover a  wide range of automated marking applications into production line. In static marking applications it allows high definition engravings with total control over the penetration on the different materials.

  • Ease of installation and programming
    The LC-30 is easily installed on the production line by means of an adjustable mounting column on 3 linear axes, which is also adjustable at an angle of inclination on the product. The programming and control of the marking is easily done with the DATASOFT PRO software for Windows PC systems.