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The COMPACT laser is a fully featured laser marking system that gives users maximum application flexibility. The manual front door is lightweight and ergonomic for easy loading of different parts. A powered Z-axis with our focus finder system makes focal adjustment easy. A USB connection to a laptop or desktop PC is all that is required to start programming with our DATASOFT Pro laser marking software. Quickly mark text, barcodes, serial and date codes graphics and more. Use the optional rotary device for 360° radial part marking.


  • Compact all-in-one laser marker
    The COMPACT LASER is a complete fully featured  marking system in a compact design, with a small footprint that facilitates installation in reduced spaces.

  • Class 1 laser safety marking system
    The COMPACT LASER guarantees users a full level of protection against potential risks while operating the laser marking process.

  • Easy operation
    The COMPACT LASER incorporates a wide vertical opening front door for easy access to the interior workspace, making it very easy to load parts of small / medium size.

  • Door open security sensor
    The I/Door sensor security system automatically stops marking process if the door is opened, ensuring that marking is only possible if the door is completely closed.

  • Powered Z-Axis
    The COMPACT LASER is equipped with a motorized Z-axis that allows easy marking distance adjustment for the different part sizes.

  • Affordable cutting-edge tecnology
    The COMPACT LASER is a complete bench-top laser marking solution at a highly competitive, affordable and comprehensive price.

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