Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine for Marking In Metal Parts

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High performance handheld dot peen marking machine with a generous 80 x 30 mm marking area, especially suitable for marking large format texts and numberings on big parts; marking tubes, pipes, chassis, marking profiles, etc.  Its powerful pneumatic marking head allows for creating deep marks, which are readable to the human eye even after painting, galvanizing or blasting the parts. Marking control and programming is really easy using the compact all-in-one touch screen controller, connected to the manual marker through a plug&play robotic cable.


  • Powerful and realiable
    Fast, powerful and reliable dot peen marking machine for intensive marking applications.

  • Compact / robust design
    Advanced ergonomic compact desing, light, robust and easy to use; all metallic constructed body.

  • Easy marking programming
    Easy operation through advanced fully featured compact touch screen controller.

  • Easy connection
    Plug&play connector for instant replacement of the 6 meters long robotic cable.

  • Affordable / competitive price
    Cost effective manual dot peen marking system.

Technical Data

  • Robust, fully metal construction.
  • Marking area: 80 x 30 mm.
  • Strong and fast pneumatic drive
  • Marking on metals up to 64 HRC hardness.
  • Controlled using dedicated touch screen controller
  • Automatic file selection using a fully integrated I/O interface.
  • Easy and intuitive marking programming using the DATASOFT software.
  • Marking texts, numbers, logos and Datamatrix identification codes.
  • Automatic marking of serial numbers, dates, time and shift codes.
  • Ideal for marking on the go and where mobility is required.
  • Total weight: Marker – 1.9kg; Touch Screen Controller – 2.7kg;


Dot pin portable marker for marking on large metal parts

Touch Screen Controller

Touch Screen Controller for the Datamark MP-80 marking machine