Dot peen marking machine for marking in cylindrical pieces and tubes

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Datamark MP-120 Rotary

The Datamark MP-120 ROTARY marking machine is equipped with a rotary device that allows radial markings, up to 360º, on all types of cylindrical parts. Marking control and programming is easily done using Datasoft ™ software for Windows PC systems.


  • Marking power
    Equipped with advanced marking head technology.

  • Radial Marking
    Thanks to the rotary device you can mark on cylindrical pieces.

  • Direct PC control
    The marking messages can be easily programmed using the fully featured Datasoft PC software included with the marker.

  • Easy installation and programming
    The connection between the PC and the marker is directly established through LAN / Ethernet network cable or via wireless WiFi connection; no type of electronic device is required between the PC and the marking machine.

  • Affordable / cost effective
    Datamark MP-120 Advanced delivers the highest marking features at a much more competitive price compared to any other desktop dot peen marking machine on the market.

Technical Data

  • Robust, fully metal construction.
  • Marking area: 120 x 100 mm.
  • Adjustable marking force-depth.
  • Marking on metals up to 64 HRC hardness.
  • Connectivity via Ethernet/Lan or WiFi.
  • Automatic lighting system of the work area with integrated LED.
  • Powerful marking head drive.
  • Automatic file selection using a fully integrated I/O interface.
  • Easy and intuitive marking programming using the DATASOFT software.
  • Wireless WiFi connection of the marker with the control device; Smartphone and PC.
  • Marking texts, numbers, logos and Datamatrix identification codes.
  • Automatic marking of serial numbers, dates, time and shift codes.
  • Ideal for marking in tubes and cylindrical parts.
  • Total weight 21kg.
  • Rotary device specifications: Diameter / Max. part weight; 100 mm / 5KG.