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Datamark FIBER LASER FL-20 laser marking and engraving machine offers the latest and most advanced features in the laser marking industry. Its fiber laser engine offers high power peaks, fast processing times and maximum application flexibility to mark with total quality and precision on all types of industrial parts and materials; metals, alloys and most plastics.


  • Reliable compact design
    The FIBER LASER consists of the laser source generating controller and the compact high speed marking galvanometric scanhead, both connected by a protected flexible fiber conductive cable. Its robust, high-quality construction ensures reliable installation either as a desktop marking system or directly installed on the automated production line.

  • 20 watt laser source
    The 20 watts output power of the FIBER LASER FL-20 can perfectly solve most of standard laser marking applications. If required, 30 and 50 watt FIBER LASER models are available at very reasonable prices.

  • Maximum installation flexibility
    The FIBER LASER FL-20 marker is very easy to install in multiple configurations; as well as a desktop / open class 4 laser marking system, directly integrated in the production line or in the  safety XL ENCLOSURE as a standalone class 1 desktop system.

  • Easy marking programming
    Marking programs are created with the fully featured DATASOFT PRO software that includes all design functions to easily solve from standard to the most advanced fully automated marking applications.

  • Affordable cutting-edge tecnology
    Datamark FIBER LASER allows companies to access the most advanced laser marking technology at highly competitive prices, for a totally safe and fast return on the initial investment.

Technical Data


  • CW output power: 20W
  • Laser source: Q-Switched
  • Pulse frequency: 30-60 kHz.
  • Pulse duration: 80-120 ns
  • Wavelenght: 1064 +/- 4 nm
  • Operating consumption: Max. 300W
  • Refrigeration: Air cooling
  • Marking speed: Max. 6000 mm / seg.
  • Focus system: Red light focus finder pilot
  • Marking field: Lens F160: 110×110 mm / Lens F254: 175×175 mm
  • Interfaces:  Start-switch, USB 2.0 for PC connection, Rotary (optional), DB25 IN/OUT signals
  • Optionals: Safety I/door sensor, Rotary device, Encoder, E-stop
  • Control panel: Emergency stop, lock key, laser on-off, focus finder pilot on-off
  • Fiber coupling length: 1.3 m
  • Total weight:  Marking head 4.8 Kg /  20.5 Kg
  • Power suppply:  110V or 240V / 50-60HZ.
  • Operating conditions: 7°C – 36°C, 10% -85% relative humidity
  • Laser safety: Class 4 (requires the use of protective googles)
  • Approvals: CE

Technical Drawing

Dimensions for fiber laser series

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