Maximum Laser Marking Power

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The FIBER LASER FL-50 offers an output power of 50 watts to cover those applications that require the maximum marking speed and a great depth of penetration of the laser marking into the material; being the ideal solution both for automated marking and deep engraving applications.


  • Maximum marking speed
    Thanks to its 5o watts output power the FL-50 is able to complete the marking process at an extraordinary high speed while maintaining full precision and quality.

  • Perfect for deep engraving
    When the marking application requires a deep penetration into the material, the FL-50 is the perfect solution to complete the engraving process in a much shorter time.

  • Designed for integration
    Its high marking performance combined with a compact and robust design make the FL-50 an ideal laser system for marking applications on the most demanding production lines.

  • Easy for automation
    The FL-50 is a highly flexible marking system, easy configurable and customizable to fit precisely into any turnkey automated marking application.

  • Affordable cutting-edge tecnology
    The FL-50 allows companies to access our most powerful, high-quality laser marking system at an affordable price, making this product an unmatched marking solution on the market.

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