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The MP-120 Advanced Electric version is featured with a powerful electromagnetic marking head which allows simple installation by not requiring air pressure supply for operating. The marker is perfectly suitable for industrial parts marking,  identification nameplates engraving, serial marking, datamatrix and logo marking, etc.. Marking control and programming is easily done using the fully featured Datasoft PC software, directly connected to the machine via LAN/Ethernet cable or wireless WiFi.


  • Marking power
    The MP-120 Advanced /E dot pin marker is equipped with a powerful electomagnetic marking head that allows simple and quick installation by not requiring compressed air to operate.

  • Easy to use
    The marker is extremely easy to use, offering great flexibility to any inexperienced user.

  • Direct PC control
    The control and programming of the marking messages is easily done using the fully featured Datasoft PC software, included with the marker.

  • Easy installation and programming
    The connection between the PC and the marker is directly established through LAN / Ethernet network cable or  via wireless WiFi connection; no type of electronic device is required between the PC and the marking machine.

  • Affordable / cost effective
    Datamark MP-120 Advanced /E delivers the highest marking features at a much more competitive price compared to any other desktop dot peen marking machine on the market.