Total Laser Marking Protection for Users

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The XL ENCLOSURE allows users to operate in complete safety and comfort in combination with any Datamark FIBER LASER model, providing a fully equipped marking system to facilitate marking parts of virtually any size, small and considerably large, in a stand-alone desktop compact laser workstation.


  • Class 1 laser safety marking system
    The XL ENCLOSURE guarantees users a full level of protection against potential risks while operating the laser marking process.

  • Easy operation
    The XL ENCLOSURE incorporates a wide vertical opening front door for easy access to the large interior workspace, making it very easy to load parts of virtually any size.

  • Door open security sensor
    The I/Door sensor security system automatically stops the marking process if the door is opened, ensuring that marking is only possible if the door is completely closed.

  • Powered Z-Axis
    The XL ENCLOSURE is equipped with a motorized Z-axis that allows easy marking distance adjustment for the different part sizes.

  • Affordable cutting-edge tecnology
    XL ENCLOSURE, in combination with the preferred FIBER LASER marker, is a top-level fully configurable laser marking solution at a highly competitive, affordable and comprehensive price.

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