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The FIBER LASER XL benchtop laser marking and engraving machine is a Class 1 laser safe enclosure that provides users a comfortable and totally safe operation during the laser marking process.

Its compact enclosure offers a large interior space to allow easy loading and marking of parts and nameplates of virtually any size and geometry.


Class 1 laser safety marking system
The FIBER LASER XL laser marking workstation guarantees users a full level of protection against potential risks while operating the laser marking process.

Easy operation
The FIBER LASER XL incorporates a wide vertical opening front door for easy access to the large interior workspace, making it very easy to load parts of virtually any size.

Door open security sensor
The I/Door sensor security system automatically stops the marking process if the door is opened, ensuring that marking is only possible if the door is completely closed.

Powered Z-Axis
The FIBER LASER XL is equipped with a motorized Z-axis that allows easy marking distance adjustment for the different part sizes.

Affordable cutting-edge tecnology
The FIBER LASER XL workstation is a top-level fully configurable laser marking solution at a highly competitive, affordable and comprehensive price

Technical Specifications

Fiber laser XL marking machine dimensions

  • Classs 1 laser safety marking workstation.
  • High performance fiber laser engine; Q-switched and MOPA.
  • Laser power 20W, 30W and 50W.
  • Vertical opening front door with laser-safe viewing panel.
  • Door opening security system.
  • Enclosure interior LED lighting system.
  • Motorized column to adjust the marking height.
  • Marking programming and control using Windows PC.
  • Optional rotor device for radial marking on cylindrical parts.
  • Pre-installation of the fume extraction system.

Max. allowed part dimensions

Laser marking enclosure

Max. part width: 420 mm

Max. part depht: 400 mm

Máx part height: 265 mm (F160 lens) / 165 mm (F254 lens)

Centered marking field: 110 x 110 mm (F160 lens) / 175 x 175 mm (F254 lens)

Marking Software

  • Icons based WYSIWYG user interface.
  • USB driver for PC with Windows 32 and 64 bits operating system.
  • Password protected administrator and user levels.
  • CAD design tools.
  • Various object hatch functions.
  • Color-coded laser parameters.
  • Outline marking preview.
  • True-Type and high speed vector fonts.
  • Automatic serial marking.
  • Time/Date marking programming.
  • Programmable shift codes marking.
  • Database files connection: TXT, Excel, SQL Server.
  • TCP/IP and Serial data communication.
  • Programmable I/O signals with control and status monitoring functions.
  • Programmable marking cycle with I/O signals and delay function.
  • Electronic selection and automatic marking of multiple files.
  • Rotary device control.
  • Fly marking function (moving parts).
  • Editing of basic and advanced shapes.
  • Bar codes: CODE39 / 93, 128, EAN, UPC, ITF25, PDF417, GS1-128.
  • Vector graphics: PLT (HPGL), DXF, AI, SVG.

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