Class 1 Laser Marking Workstations

Introducing Datamark’s laser marking workstations, designed for Class 1 laser safety operation. These advanced systems provide a secure environment for high-precision marking tasks while ensuring utmost safety for operators. With sealed enclosures and advanced safety features, Datamark machines offer peace of mind, allowing for efficient and precise marking without compromising on workplace safety.

Class 1 laser marking workstation
Class 1 laser marking workstation

Class 1 Laser Marking Workstations

Advantages of Datamark Class 1 laser marking workstation to mark parts

Enhanced Safety

Datamark Class 1 laser marking workstations provide a fully enclosed environment, ensuring operator safety by preventing laser radiation exposure.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with safety standards and regulations, eliminating the risk of accidents and ensuring a safe working environment.

Reduced Risk of Damage

With controlled laser emissions, there’s less risk of damaging parts or materials during the marking process.

Improved Precision

Datamark Class 1 laser workstations offer precise marking capabilities, allowing for intricate designs and high-quality results.


Datamark workstations can mark a wide range of materials, including metals, alloys, plastics, and more, making them suitable for many industries and applications.

Consistent Performance

Datamark Class 1 laser workstations provide consistent marking quality, ensuring uniformity across batches of parts.

Operator Comfort

Datamark enclosed workstations are equipped with ergonomic features, ensuring operator comfort during prolonged use.

Cleaner Environment

Enclosed workstations help contain debris and fumes generated during marking, promoting a cleaner working environment and better air quality.

Datamark™ XL+ Laser Marking Workstation

Embrace the forefront of precision marking merged with unwavering safety in the Datamark Laser Marking Workstation. This innovative system sets new benchmarks, guaranteeing unmatched accuracy, versatility, and a secure working environment for operators.

Class 1 laser marking machine