Fully Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines

Our range of wireless portable battery-powered dot peen marking machines offer the most robust and reliable design, powerful marking features and extreme easy programming to mark parts of any size, anytime, anywhere. Datamark portable dot peen markers are easily programmed using free software for standard smartphone, tablet and Windows PC systems; for marking texts, references, manufacturing dates, batch and serial numbers, logos, datamatrix codes and more.

Portable machine for metal parts marking and traceability
Portable machine for metal parts marking and traceability

Fully Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines

Cutting-Edge Portable Dot Peen Marking Systems

Datamark’s portable dot peen marking machines are compact, handheld devices that offer the flexibility of on-the-go marking. Our machines are equipped with a high capacity removable battery, eliminating the need for external power sources and allowing for easy portability and use in various locations.

With their lightweight design, operators can effortlessly maneuver and mark on different surfaces, including metals, plastics, and more. Datamark battery powered portable dot peen marking machines provide the convenience of marking in remote or hard-to-reach areas without compromising on marking quality or accuracy. They are an excellent solution for industries that require flexibility, mobility, and efficient product identification and traceability.

Benefits Of Datamark™ Portable Markers

High marking precision

Our portable dot peen marking machines offer unmatched precision in marking parts, as they allow for fine control over the depth and width of the marks. This makes our portable markers an ideal solution for industries where precision is key, such as aerospace, automotive, oil-gas, metal-machinning, construction and more.

Easy to use

Our cordless portable markers are very easy and convenient to use. Its compact design with an ergonomic handle and the adjustable front support system facilitates the marking of parts of any size and shape, both flat and cylindrical.


Our portable markers are designed and built for industrial use, they do not incorporate fragile and easy to break embedded screens or keyboards, thus eliminating the possibility of costly and frequent breakdowns.


DATAMARK portable dot peen marking machines can mark a wide range of hard materials, including metals, alloys and plastics. This makes it a versatile solution that can be used in a variety of industries and applications.

Deep marking

DATAMARK portable marking machines are the most powerful battery operated markers on the market that allow to regulate the marking force to achieve from superficial to very deep marks in the hardest metals.

Easy programming

Our free Datamobil software allows marking messages to be edited and transmitted to the marker’s memory easily using any standard device; smartphone, tablet and PC to mark logos, texts, serial numbers, real time day-date, datamatrix codes and much more.

Combo system

Simply attaching the portable marker to the optional column we convert our cordless markers in a benchtop marking system to easily mark smaller parts, tags and identification nameplates.

Unbeatable value for money

DATAMARK MOBILE dot peen marking machines offer unbeatable value for money, with affordable comprehensive pricing to help customers achieve faster ROI.

User-Friendly Marking Software

Use our free Datamobil app to easily design marking messages and transfer them to the marker via wireless WiFi communication; logo marking, time-date marking, serial marking, datamatrix and QR-Code marking and much more. In addition, the software is compatible with any standard Android, Apple IOS and Windows device; smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Datamobil marking software