Laser Marking Machine for Industrial Part Marking

Datamark™ PRO+ Fiber Laser Marking System

Datamark™ PRO+ fiber laser marking machine is ideal for making permanent, top-quality marks on a wide variety of materials, parts and products; laser marking on metalls, alloys and most plastics.

The PRO+ laser marking system incorporates the most advanced and cost-effective MOPA laser technology as it offers high performance for laser marking and engraving without the use of consumables or spare components. Its  laser source its available with a nominal power of 30W, 50W or 100W to effectively cover the most demanding and high-speed laser marking and engraving applications.

The design and programming of the marking files is carried out easily using the fully-featured PC software included with the laser marking machine; to engrave logos, symbols, texts, barcodes, QR codes, Datamatrix and much more.

The Premium Industrial Laser Marking System with Advanced Integration Capabilities

Reliable compact design

Datamark™ PRO+ is a high-performance fiber laser marking system with advanced features, designed to solve the most demanding industrial marking applications. In adittion, its robust, high-quality construction ensures reliable integration into production lines, assembly and manufacturing cells or automated workstations.

High laser marking performance

Equipped with a powerful 30, 50 or 100 watt advanced MOPA fiber laser engine, the Datamark™ PRO+ marking system allows you to easily create top quality markings on a wider variety of materials.

Maximum installation flexibility

Datamark™ PRO+ laser marking system is very easy to install in multiple configurations; as well as a desktop / open class 4 laser marking system or directly integrated in the production line.

Advanced integration

Datamark™ PRO+ laser marker features network connectivity via LAN/Ethernet interface for direct integration with the company’s MES-ERP production systems. Besides the IN/OUT interface is fully configurable and facilitates total control of the marking process through PLC systems.

Stand-Alone Operation

Datamark™ PRO+ is equipped with an onboard high-speed processor and flash memory to carry out the marking process without having to be connected to a slave control PC.

Easy marking programming

Marking programs are created with the fully featured laser marking PC software that includes all design functions to easily solve from standard to the most advanced fully automated marking applications.

Affordable cutting-edge tecnology

Datamark™ PRO+ allows companies to access the most advanced laser marking technology at highly competitive prices, for a totally safe and fast return on the initial investment.

Laser Marking Machine for Industrial Part Marking

Technical Specifications

Fiber Laser PRO+ 30W 50W 100W
Laser source type MOPA Fiber
CW output power 30W 50W 100W
Wavelenght 1064 nm
Pulse frequency 1-600 kHz. 1-600 kHz. 1-4000 kHz.
Pulse duration 200 ns 200 ns 2-500 ns
Refrigeration Air cooling / Front grille with anti-particulate filter
Scanner type High-speed galvanometric X-Y scanner
Marking speed Max. 10.000 mm/sec
Focus system Red light focus finder pilots
Marking field F160 Lens : 110 x 110 mm / F254 Lens : 175 x 175 mm / F330 Lens : 210 x 210 mm
Marking distance F160 Lens :~185 mm /  F254 Lens :~285 mm / F330 Lens : ~385 mm
Marking programming Datasoft PC Software
Interfaces USB 2.0, IN/OUT, LAN/Ethernet, RS-232, External start button (button included)
Flash Control Interface Stand-alone remote operation: 4GB Flash Memory, 256 MB DDR3 RAM
Optional Factory Interfaces Safety I/door sensor, Rotary Axis, Encoder, E-stop
Control panel Emergency stop, lock key, laser on-off, laser status light, focus pilots on-off
Fiber coupling length 1.5 m
Weight of the marking head 5.8 Kg
Weight of the controller 18.5 22.8 25.5
Power suppply Factory selectable 110V or 240V / 50-60HZ.
Operating conditions 7°C – 40°C, 10% -85% relative humidity
Laser safety Class 4
Approvals CE

Marking Software

  • WYSIWYG user interface.
  • USB driver for PC with Windows 32 and 64 bits operating system.
  • Password protected administrator and user levels.
  • CAD design tools.
  • Various object hatch functions.
  • Color-coded laser parameters.
  • Outline marking preview.
  • True-Type and high speed vector fonts.
  • Automatic serial marking.
  • Time/Date marking programming.
  • Programmable shift codes marking.
  • Database files connection: TXT, Excel, SQL Server.
  • TCP/IP and Serial data communication.
  • Programmable I/O signals with control and status monitoring functions.
  • Programmable marking cycle with I/O signals and delay function.
  • Remote controlling via OCX (ActiveX) and COM interface from another customized software (32 and 64 bit)
  • Automation using several MS Windows development environments.
  • Control by plain ASCII commands via TCP from a non-Windows OS possible.
  • Remote control via Ethernet or direct program calls.
  • Marking Job select mode.
  • Rotary device control.
  • Editing of basic and advanced shapes.
  • Bar codes: CODE39 / 93, 128, EAN, UPC, ITF25, PDF417, GS1-128.
  • Vector graphics: PLT (HPGL), DXF, AI, SVG.

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