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Elevate Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Marking with Datamark Portable Marking Machines

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code assigned to each vehicle during its manufacturing process. It serves as a unique fingerprint for each vehicle, containing crucial information such as the manufacturer, model, year, place of assembly, and more. VINs typically consist of 17 characters, and Datamark’s Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines, especially the MOBILE 150, ensure these VINs are accurately and permanently marked for enhanced security and traceability.

Benefits of Datamark Marking Systems for VIN marking

Precision at Your Fingertips

Datamark Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines deliver unparalleled precision, ensuring clear and permanent VIN markings on various surfaces, including metal and plastic.

Portable Powerful Marking

Equipped with battery-operated functionality, Datamark’s portable machines empower you to mark vehicles effortlessly, regardless of location. Say goodbye to the constraints of power outlets and embrace the freedom to mark VINs on the go.

Versatile Marking on Any Surface

Datamark has designed and proven the versatility of our MOBILE 150 portable dot peen marking machine to mark VIN numbers. This powerful marker is capable of making deep indelible marks on the chassis of very hard metal.

Optimal Marking Area

The MOBILE 150 boasts a 150 x 30 mm marking area, providing the perfect canvas to mark the required amount of characters in a VIN code. This ensures clarity and readability for efficient traceability.

User-Friendly Interface

Datamark’s intuitive interfaces make it easy for operators to input VIN information, ensuring accuracy and minimizing the risk of errors in the marking process.

Enhanced Durability

Datamark dot peen marking technology  ensures markings withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them resistant to fading, corrosion, and tampering.

Efficient and Time-Saving

Datamark Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines streamline your VIN marking process, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime. Marking is swift and precise, allowing you to maintain productivity without compromising quality.

Compliance Assurance

With Datamark, meet and exceed industry standards and compliance requirements effortlessly. Rest easy knowing your VIN markings adhere to regulations, contributing to seamless traceability and regulatory compliance.

Cost-Effective Solution

Investing in Datamark’s Portable Dot Peen Marking Machines is a cost-effective choice in the long run. Reduce operational costs associated with outsourcing marking services and take control of your VIN marking in-house.